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Oct 22

Movie day in Osaka part 1 of 3
Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning

So this past weekend I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: Go to a big city and just catch up on movies all day! So that’s what I did. The first movie I saw was Tiger and Bunny. Pictured above was the cards they gave out which I saved until the end to open because, having never seen anything Tiger and Bunny before, I wanted to know the significance first. Waiting until after the movie made my ending up getting WILD TIGER and Barnaby Brooks Jr. so much better XD

So yeah! Tiger and Bunny. According to my friend it was the beginning of the anime with new footage added towards the end. I don’t know if I’m going to be a big fan of Tiger and Bunny from now on (…fear of new Japanese internet laws has scared me away from downloading anime for one reason..) but I can say that I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the characters, I think… something I noticed was that the movie mostly focused on Wild Tiger/Kotetsu and didn’t really develop anyone else.  Barnaby in particular felt a bit hollow. But hey, condensing a long anime premise into a couple hours in a way that both pleases fans and introduces new people, whatcha gonna do. Overall I thought it was very well done, great humor with amazing animation and grand action scenes perfect for the big screen. ^^

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